Hamilton Sensors paperwork

Don't throw away that paperwork that comes with your Hamilton sensor!

The most common requests received by process analytics technical support include additional copies of certificates and documentation for our products. This knowledgebase article details documentation normally included with each product and provides mock examples to help understand the content within each document.

Documentation Types

Declaration of Quality for Hamilton Sensors

Declaration of Quality

The Declaration of Quality (DoQ) is a final test document. This document includes the product-specific reference number, serial number, and the production lot number. Final testing values are also listed on the DoQ as well as product specifications. DoQ's also function as a material specification document. All wetted parts with their regulatory compliance (FDA / USP) are listed. .

Sensor DoQ's are available for download in the certification area of the website. Part number and serial number are needed for this download. DoQ's for liquid standards such as pH buffers and conductivity solutions are also available.


Sensor part number and serial numbers used to download DOQs can be found on the sensor shaft and packaging label

Serial Number of Hamilton Sensors
Sensor Housing Manual

Manuals & Quick Guides

Nearly all products should include some form of instruction manual which covers installation, cleaning, service and disposal.


Hamilton Sensors documentation

Additional documentation

Additional documentation such as declarations of conformity, material specifications, and hazardous area approval information can be located on the Quality and Regulatory certification page. SDS (Safety Data Sheets) for chemicals can be found in the download section of the Knowledgebase by searching for document type - SDS. The knowledgebase also has supplementary manuals and other valuable product information available for download.