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ML STAR - VENUS Software Training

Level 1: Basic Software Programmers Training 3.5 days

Level 2a: Advanced Liquid Handling Training (incl. Labware Definition) (2 days)

Level 2b: Advanced Software Programmers Training (3.5 days)

Level 2c: Customized Training

  • You are interested in a special training according to your needs? You would like to get a training that is geared to your already existing method(s)? Please contact us for more information. Generally, a Basic Training is required to get a customized training. Please NOTE: Minimum number of participants is 3. There is a standard price per day PLUS the costs that depend on the time that we need to prepare a customized training based on your requirements.

>>> Please visit our HAMILTON Training Center for all details.

Note: For participation in an Advanced Training you need to complete a Basic Training and must provide basic experience in working with VENUS and the ML STAR. Take your time after a Basic Training to deepen and strengthen the basic knowledge.

VB to VA

Time schedule: One training day on-site at Hamilton starts at 8:30 and ends approx. at 17:30 (Berlin time). Last day on-site ends on Friday approx. at 12:30 (Berlin time). Different time schedule for our Advanced Liquid Handling Training.

Note the requirements for participation in an Online-Training.

Check detailed information about the training content in our Training Brochures: Software Training/Advanced Liquid Handling.

If you have other specific questions related to a training, please contact us: [email protected]