ML STAR - VENUS Software Training

Level 1: Basic Software Programmers Training 3.5 days

Level 2a: Advanced Liquid Handling Training (incl. Basics in Labware Definition) (2.5 days)

Level 2b: Advanced Software Programmers Training (3.5 days)

>>> Please visit our HAMILTON Training Center for all details and training dates.

Customized Trainings: You are interested in a special training according to your needs? You would like to get a training that is geared to your already existing method(s)? Generally, a regular Basic Training is required to get a customized training. Please note that the minimum number of participants is 3 and maximum 6 to ensure a good quality of the training. There is a standard price per day PLUS the preparation costs depending on your needs. Please contact us for more information: [email protected]

Note: For participation in an Advanced Training you need to complete a Basic Training and must provide basic experience in working with VENUS and the ML STAR. Take your time after a Basic Training to deepen and strengthen the basic knowledge.

VB to VA

Time schedule: One training day on-site at Hamilton starts at 8:30 and ends approx. at 17:30 (Berlin time). Last day on-site ends on Friday approx. at 12:30 (Berlin time). Different time schedule for our Advanced Liquid Handling Training. Detailed information and the agenda can be found in our HAMILTON Training Center.

If you have further questions about our trainings, please contact us: [email protected]