In this webinar, you will learn basic concepts of Hamilton Storage’s proprietary INSTINCT S software and how it is used to manage an automated storage platform. You will also learn more about API (Application Programming Interface) integration and how to decide which API is needed for your specific workflow. At the completion of this webinar, IT professionals in attendance will have enough understanding to start implementing and configuring the interface of their LIMS to their storage platform, once they have the simulator or physical system in place.

The content of the webinar is applicable for all Hamilton Storage platforms (BiOS, Verso, SAM HD, Verso Q-Series), but will be demonstrated on a Verso Q-Series platform.

  • Target audience:
    • Users who already have a Hamilton Storage system, and plan to integrate it with a LIMS or external automation.
    • Users who are planning to integrate a new Hamilton Storage system into their IT infrastructure.
    • Lab Managers planning the purchase an automated storage system who want to understand API interactions with Hamilton Storage platforms.

Please note: Registration requires company/organization issued email address. Personal email addresses such as gmail, hotmail, aol, etc. will not be accepted.


  • Tobias Gafafer

    Team Leader Product Management, Hamilton Storage GmbH
  • Dominik Wittmer

    Software Engineer, Hamilton Storage GmbH

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