Advancing scientific discoveries, at scale, requires complete sequencing data, as well as suitable workflows to address high-throughput needs. Long-read sequencing technologies are quickly becoming the new gold standard to explore the full extent of genetic variation. Hamilton and PacBio have partnered to develop walk-away automation solutions for both High Molecular Weight (HMW) DNA extraction and long-read PacBio library preparation kits to enable genomic workflows globally.

  • We will give an introduction about the general benefits of PacBio long reads and the power of automating those workflows.
  • We will present detailed overviews about the different solutions that we can offer to our customers.
  • We are going to present results generated on our platforms for specific workflows, for which biologically tested methods are available.

Learn how automation can bring your PacBio long-read sequencing workflow to the next level!


  • Dr. Birgit Ottenwälder

    Senior Market Segment Leader, Hamilton
  • Dr. Dominik Laubscher

    Product Manager Genomics, Hamilton
  • William Hutchens

    Automation Engineer, Hamilton
  • Gregory Young

    Senior Product Manager, PacBio

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