Intelligent sensors facilitate the work in lab and production, but the true potential only unfolds in combination with sensor management software that can even be used to communicate with the sensor wirelessly through a mobile phone or tablet.

This online seminar is for all users of ArcAir, Hamilton's sensor management app, but it also addresses those who are interested to learn more about the capabilities of modern digital sensor management and control.

Jahir Kololli, Product Manager Arc technology, will provide a hands-on demo of ArcAir which features lots of advise how to commission your sensors and how to perform sensor maintenance and diagnostics. Jahir will also explain the advanced functionalities that are required in GMP facilities, such as the audit trail report and user role management.


  • Jahir Kololli

    Team Leader and Senior Product Manager, Hamilton Bonaduz AG

    Jahir Kololli is the team leader and senior product manager for Hamilton's Arc intelligent sensors, with a focus on optical dissolved oxygen measurement.

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