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Service Packages

Ensure continuity in your production process

We offer preventative maintenance and service contracts, periodic sensor calibrations, test reports and certification, troubleshooting and on-demand services. Individual service packages are tailored to customer requirements.


Your benefits

  • Predefined maintenance expenditure
  • Relief of your own personnel
  • Feedback within 24 hours (Mon-Fri)
  • Minimized downtimes of the system
  • Prevention and early warning of faults or interference of functionality
  • Preventative replacement of parts or consumables
  • Detailed documentation of the service carried out with a maintenance report
  • Required measuring and testing equipment is provided
Service Packages * PREMIUM BASIC
Annual on-site inspection visit by a Hamilton service engineer
Adjustment of the sensor according to manufacturer regulations
Update of the sensor firmware
Written maintenance report with calibration certificate
Hotline service/expert advice via phone
On-site troubleshooting, as quickly as possible  
Repair works to parts in contact with the medium (parts subject to wear and tear are separately calculated)  
Inspection of the instrument, as well as the sensor signal from the Hamilton transmitter to the process control system  
Repair in the centeral workshop, if not possible on-site  
Provision of replacement equipment (incl. sensors) during the repair time  

* Service packages according to individual service contract

Order Information

Item no. Service Packages
243999-15 PREMIUM service package pH/ORP sensor
243999-16 PREMIUM service package Conductivity sensor
243999-17 PREMIUM service package DO sensor
243999-18 BASIC service package pH/ORP sensor
243999-19 BASIC service package Conductivity sensor
243999-20 BASIC service package DO sensor
These services are only available in the
following locations:

Africa & Europe
Phone: +41 58 610 10 10
Fax: +41 58 610 00 10

Germany & The Netherlands
Phone: +49 89 248 804 808
Fax: +49 89 248 804 801

Phone: +86 021 61646567
Fax: +86 021 61063732