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Step Templates Download

Step Templates DownloadDo you need a skeletal method for a common pipetting task? Use the Step Templates to create all needed steps inside your method. All you have to do is to run the method and, if desired, adapt the Step Template to your need.

Installation of Templates:

Run the installation file of the desired template from below. All necessary template files (submethod library and description) are installed directly into the 'C:\Program files\HAMILTON\Library\Templates' folder (language dependent).

The newly loaded template file appears in the Method Editor under 'Templates'.

Template for a serial dilution on a 96well plate

The template offers a skeletal method to perform a serial dilution on a 96 well plate.   

Show more information | Install this template

Template to control the BVS vacuum systemCVS

The template offers a skeletal method how to control the BVS Basic Vacuum System.

Show more informationInstall this template

Template to handle Nestable Tip Rack (NTR) Stacks 

The template offers a skeletal method to handle NTRs (calculates if enough tips are present for the next pick up, otherwise removes the empty rack).

Show more information | Install this template

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