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Smart Step Aliquot-Miscalculation

Smart Step Aliquot-Miscalculation

We would like to inform you about an investigation of a software related miscalculation which has
been found for the ML STAR SW 4.5 (VENUS four) software “Smart Step Aliqout”:

The above mentioned error occurs after a certain number of aspiration steps from a connected container
labware which depends on the amount of installed channels.
The error that occurs is due to an incorrect calculation of the follow-up path:
  • For a 16 channel instrument from the 2nd aspiration
  • For a 8 channel instrument from the 3rd aspiration
  • For a 4 channel instrument from the 5th aspiration
  • For a 2 channel instrument from the 9th aspiration
If a reduced channel pattern is used, the last active channel is decisive. For example, for an 8 channel
STAR, the pattern is reduced to 1-4, then it behaves like a 4 channel system. However, if the channel
pattern has gaps and channel 8 is active, then it behaves like an 8 channel STAR.

Click here for possible workarounds.