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Hamilton Storage


What is the accuracy of Hamilton syringes?
Hamilton syringes are manufactured to be accurate within ±1% of nominal volume, and with precision within 1%, measured at 80% of total scale volume. The design of our barrel and plunger dimensions assures high levels of accuracy and precision. The Hamilton Company Quality System is ISO 9001-2000 certified.

Can I use Hamilton syringes on humans?
Hamilton syringes are not manufactured for human use. To discuss potential off label uses for Hamilton syringes please contact Technical Support.

Do I need slots on my TLL syringe?
The slots, on a TLL syringe with slots, are a carryover from instrument syringes dating back to the 1960's. Older instruments used to have pegs that fit into the slots to hold the syringe in place, but today very few instruments or applications require the TLL syringes with slots. There is no difference in performance between the syringes, with or without slots, and they can even be used interchangeably. 

Is the volume of fluid in the needle part of the total volume of the dispensed fluid?
When using a Hamilton syringe, the volume in the needle (called dead volume) is considered constant and the volume being dispensed is absolute. The same dead volume is maintained throughout aspirate and dispense stages.

Are the plungers for the 700 series MICROLITER syringes interchangeable?
No, they are not! Each plunger is fitted to a specific syringe barrel. Be very careful to keep each plunger with its original syringe in order to maximize syringe performance.

What are the most versatile syringes made by Hamilton?
GASTIGHT syringes are the most versatile syringes. The plungers are replaceable if it is bent. Any of the Metal hub, Kel-F or Removable needle allow for the replacement of needle if they become bent or plugged.