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To meet the needs of our customers, Hamilton Storage offers basic and advanced user trainings, as well as service trainings for our products. 


On-site Trainings

For the basic and advanced user trainings, Hamilton Storage can send instructors to train your employees on-site at your company. Your company takes care of providing the necessary infrastructure and instruments to ensure that the course runs smoothly and efficiently. Your company must pay for travel and accommodation as well as meals for the instructor and the trainees. Hamilton will provide qualified training instructors and technical know-how. Class size will remain at a maximum of three students.

Hamilton Facility

If on-site training is not desirable, courses can be taken at Hamilton's facility located at 3 Forge Parkway in Franklin, Massachusetts.


Different courses have different requirements; therefore please check the Requirements Section in each course description.

As a general rule, we require all participants to have:

  • Electronics and/or electro-mechanical background
  • Basic Life Science or medical laboratory knowledge
  • Basic computer skills
  • PC software knowledge including:
    • Operating System Windows 2000 or Windows XP or Windows 7
    • Familiar with Windows Programs (Word, Excel, etc.)
    • Internet Explorer
    • Good English reading and speaking skills

Course Dates

Courses are available upon request. Contact the HS Technical Support Department for more information.

Course Hours

Training courses are conducted from 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Trainees will be informed of any changes from the standard time.

Number of Participants

Minimum — 1 Maximum — 3

Courses are offered to a maximum of three (3) trainees in order to provide in-depth, hands-on training of our systems.


Each trainee will be presented with a certificate upon completion of a course. Because of Hamilton Storage’s commitment to recognized international standards, these can be used as official training certificates.

Course Materials

Each participant will receive relevant course materials during the training course.


For trainings held at the Hamilton facility, lunch is provided by Hamilton and is included in the course price. If there are special meal needs, please let us know two weeks in advance of the training course.


Hamilton Storage will be pleased to assist you with hotel reservations, but please note, traveling and accommodation expenses are the responsibility of the trainee or the trainee’s company.


You can register for our courses by calling or emailing the HS Technical Support Department. Requested trainings must be made with three weeks advanced notice. The deadline for registering for a scheduled training is three weeks in advance.

Prior to registering for any of the Service Trainings, approval must be granted from the HS Service Training Manager.


A description of how to get to Hamilton Storage and (optional) hotel reservation information will be provided two weeks before training starts. If not enough participants have registered for any of the training courses, we reserve the right to cancel the course two weeks before the start date.

Contact Hamilton Storage Technical Support

+1-508-544-7000 Email

Contact Hamilton Storage GmbH Technical Support

+41-58-610-10-30 Email