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To meet the needs of our customers, Hamilton Storage offers the following types of courses: 

User Training:

User trainings provide users with knowledge on system operations, covering basic system operation, hardware and software operations, as well as basic error recovery.

Advanced User Training:

Advanced user training covers advanced system operation, including hardware and software operations, and advanced error recovery. User training is a pre-requisite to this training.

Certified Product Service Training:

Service training covers system repair, preventative maintenance, calibration and error recovery for software and hardware. Completion of this course qualifies technicians to perform preventative maintenance, diagnostic troubleshooting, and emergency repairs without the supervision of an HS Service Technician.

Service training is only available to Hamilton Storage customers, authorized distributors, and OEM partners. All training is subject to the approval of Hamilton Storage.

Our experience has shown that a student with a strong background in electronics, automation, SQL Server Databases, and scientific instrument servicing has a high probability of success in these training courses.


Training Courses Offered:


  • Basic User
  • Advanced User Training
  • Service Training


  • Basic User
  • Advanced User Training
  • Service Training

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