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Service Contracts

Hamilton Storage Technologies offers a variety of full coverage agreements to extend the reliability of your system.

Our service contracts are designed to provide you with full coverage in the event of your system needing repairs. By using a contract, service costs are budgeted in advance to avoid unplanned expenses and help provide peace of mind knowing that you have priority response.

The contracts also include Preventative Maintenance programs. A regularly scheduled Preventative Maintenance program will help maintain your equipment beyond the manufacturer’s warranty period and ensure extended reliability and peak performance throughout the lifetime of your system.

Service Level Agreements

Fully-comprehensive Service Level Agreements (SLAs) are sold in increments of single or multiple years.  All SLAs include labor, travel, parts and Preventative Maintenance (PM) for the agreement term. 

  • Gold Service Contract
    • Comprehensive includes one (1) annual Preventative Maintenance visit.
  • Platinum
    • Comprehensive includes two (2) bi-annual Preventative Maintenance visits.
  • Platinum Plus
    • Comprehensive includes four (4) quarterly Preventative Maintenance visits.

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