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KH to RN Adapter

Hamilton Knurled Hub (KH) to Removable Needle (RN) Adapter

The Luer to RN Adaptor consists of a Metal Luer Lock Hub and a Small Removable Needle Hub combined in a single needle. The Luer to RN Adaptor and the Dual RN Coupler can be used to connect a 7000 series syringe to any Small Hub Removable Needle or to a Pulled Glass Pipette. The Adaptor creates a rigid connection between the syringe and the needle as well as compatibility with stereotaxic instrumentation. The Luer to RN Adaptor consists of one RN to Luer Needle and a sealing ferrule for a 25 gauge 7000 series needle.

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55753-01 Luer to Small Hub RN Adaptor $25.00 Add to Cart +