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VDRL Antigen Dispenser

Hamilton VDRL Antigen Dispenser Syringe

The VDRL Antigen Test is a microscopic nontreponemal flocculation test to be used for the detection of reagin. The procedure is based on the VDRL antigen being combined at a correct ratio with buffered saline and then mixed with heat-inactivated serum.

The VDRL Antigen Dispensers are used with the PB600-1 Repeating Dispenser (Part #83700) to dispense 10 or 16.6 µL up to 50 times without refilling. Dispensers are available as 1/60 mL qualitative, 1/75 mL quantitative and 1/100 mL antigen dispenser. The special 90° (bent) syringe needle allows easy syringe reading and filling.