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200 °C Headspace Syringes

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Custom Built Products

In headspace analysis the higher the extraction temperature the more sample types that can be analyzed. Customers who were exceeding the temperature limits for their syringes noticed that the needle connection was the primary failure point. They requested a syringe that was capable of exceeding 110 °C.


Custom Built Engineers realized that the easiest way to increase the temperature limit was to remove the cement that holds the needle into the barrel. They developed a connection that crimps on to the end of the glass barrel and improves chemical compatibility with a PTFE seal. This new needle design was tested alongside the High Dynamic (HD) spring loaded plunger to a temperature of 200 °C. The resulting syringe design almost doubled the headspace operating temperature and opened up a new world of compounds from analysis. The design was released for use on the CTC Combi Pal autosampler but will be adapted for other uses as they arise.

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