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Dissolved Oxygen Transmitter


Hamilton H100 DO Transmitter combines ease of use and reliability. It has been designed for universal process application including use in pharmaceutical, chemical, food and beverage industries as well as water/waste water treatment. The self-explaining user interface ensures comfortable and intuitive handling. Hamilton H100 DO Transmitter provides continuous sensor monitoring and preventive maintenance indication for maximal reliability.

Easy to install, operate and calibrate

  • Large terminal compartment and pre-assembled rear unit for easy installation.
  • The large display and intuitive menu structure ensure straightforward navigation.
  • Icons supply operating messages and signal unusual states.

Robust design

  • Optional protective hood for additional protection against weather exposure and mechanical damage.
  • Wall, post/pipe, or panel mounting possible with optional panel- or pipe-mount kit.

Reliable instrument for process applications

  • The sensor status and potential defects are continuously monitored for real time display of error or alarm.
  • Asymmetry potential, slope and response time are evaluated during calibration through the sensor lifetime for preventive maintenance indication.
  • The integrated calibration timer automatically indicates when calibration is required.

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