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Polilyte Plus

Polilyte Plus HB VP 120 Pt100

The Polilyte sensors are universal maintenance free sensors designed to withstand demanding applications in chemical, petrochemical industries, as well as process water, wastewater treatment applications. Liquid junction problems and total break downs are eliminated with the two Single Pores. The Polilyte sensors show good measurement accuracy in highly alkaline solutions as well as in samples with low conductivity. Additionally, the Everef-L reference cartridge ensures a long lifetime. A stabilized sensor signal and an extended sensor diagnosis thanks to the integrated Liquid Earth in the VP are further features of the Polilyte Plus.

The Arc System

The Polilyte Plus is also available with our innovative Arc system. The Arc system eliminates the transmitter and communicates directly with your Process Control System.


Typical applications

  • 2 Single Pores prevent clogging and ensure reliable measurements
  • Upside-down mounting possible
  • Highly reproducible measurements thanks to Polisolve
  • Plus reference, very stable over a long period of time
  • Resistant against solvents, strong acids and basis
  • Sugar industry
  • Dye industry
  • Industrial Waste water
  • Paper industry

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