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OneFerm pH VP 70

Optimal yields in bioprocesses are only obtained with extensive process control, especially precise monitoring of pH. Trusted sensor technologies have been implemented for this purpose. The glass pH electrode is the most robust and reliable device available for the measurement of pH. It is possible to utilize such reusable sensors in single use processes but it has major drawbacks including laborious handling and the risk of contamination. Alternative sensor technologies such as optical pH are easier to implement but do not deliver the accuracy and measurement stability required for process control. The direct integration of a single use glass electrode eliminates laborious preparation steps while providing high measurement quality during the process. The Hamilton OneFerm pH sensor is a single use glass electrode developed to this end. It retains the high accuracy performance of a glass electrode even after gamma irradiation and dry storage. It is delivered as an integrated part of a single use container to provide ease of use. The OneFerm pH sensor is only available to integrators such as bag-, bioreactor- or downstream skid manufacturers.

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