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The maintenance free MecoTrode sensor is designed for processes in the chemical industry with extreme pH values. The H glass type membrane glass provides a low alkaline error and stable measurement even at high temperatures.

Three high-performance ceramic diaphragms reduce the effect of flow potential in pipe mounting.


Typical applications

  • 3 high performance ceramic diaphragms for reduced flow potentials when mounted in pipes
  • "H" glass for most accurate readings at high pH values or high temperatures
  • Very good precision at low pH values (pH < 2) 
  • Water and Wastewater
  • Industrial processes


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238801 MecoTrode 120 Quote Required Add to Cart +
238819 MecoTrode FLAT LEVP 225 Quote Required Add to Cart +
242840 MecoTrode HF MS 225 Quote Required Add to Cart +
238437 MecoTrode VP 120 Quote Required Add to Cart +