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The IonoTrode sensor is designed for applications in ion weak media. The F glass membrane has a very low resistance, therefore the sensor can be used in samples with low conductivity, where it offers highest accuracy over a long period of time.

If there is a storage container with 3 M KCl attached via a tube to the side-arm of the IonoTrode, the flow-out of the electrolyte can be controlled with the sleeve diaphragm.


Typical applications

  • Offers highes accuracy over a long period of time
  • Stable measureemnts in samples with low conductivity of at least 0.2 µS/cm
  • removable PTFE sleeve diaphragm to check electrolyte outflow
  • Side-arm attachment via tube to storage vessel containing 3 M KCl, and control of electrolyte flow ith PTFE diaphragm ring 
  • Drinking Water Plants
  • Boiler Feed Water

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