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EasyFerm Bio

EasyFerm Bio PHI VP 120 Pt100

The EasyFerm Bio family of pH sensors is designed for applications in the Pharmaceutical, Biotechnology and Food & Beverage industries. All family members have the same reference electrolyte Foodlyte, with its certified bio-compatibility. Additionally the EasyFerm Bio sensors are certified to EHEDG criteria. The standard EasyFerm Bio, with its HB glass, is directed at the Food & Beverage industry where CIP and SIP cycles occur frequently because the glass shows a very fast recovery leading to a shortened set-up time. The new versions with the PHI glass show an excellent chemical robustness at high pH values.

The LEVP (LE = Liquid Earth) versions have a stabilized sensor signal and an extended sensor diagnosis.

The electrolyte of the EasyFerm Bio sensors is pre-pressurized to prevent the diffusion of sample into the sensor. The Everef-F reference cartridge ensures that the reference electrolyte remains free of silver and precipitation of proteins.


 Typical Applications

  • Ceramic diaphragm is an improved barrier of the electrode
  • Higly reliable measurements after steam sterilization, autoclavation and CIP cleanings
  • Drift-free measurement
  • EHEDG and Biocompatibility certified
  • Pre-pressurized reference electrolyte ensures a clog-free diaphragm
  • Bioreactors
  • Brewhouse
  • Food & Beverages
  • Downstream processes

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