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RetractoFit Bio

RetractoFit Bio

The RetractoFit Bio is a retractable housing designed for 225 mm sensors in hygienic applications in the biotechnology, food & beverage and the pharmaceutical industry. It allows to mount and dismount sensors while the process is running. Safe sensor handling during process is guaranteed because insertion without sensor is impossible as is removal in measuring position. It is easy to use and maintain: only one press on the red button is needed to move the sensor into or out of the process. All o-rings can be easily be replaced by the operator without special tools.

Note: When the housing with an Arc sensor, VisiPro DO (Ex), VisiTrace DO and protective sleeve the aperture (hole) in the protective sleeve must be enlarged or the housing has to be used without the protective sleeve. Wireless adapters on top of Arc sensors can only be used without the protective sleeve.


  • Integral safety mechanism
  • Sensor can be withdrawn from the process for cleaning, calibration or replacement
  • Special hygienic design of cleaning chamber
  • Easy maintenance

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