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ORP Buffers

ORP Buffers

All calibration procedures assume that the labeled values of the calibration buffers are correct, but buffer values can change over time and so can your results. Therefore it is essential to have reliable ORP buffers on hand. Hamilton ORP buffers are stable for 2 years even if they have been used. The growth of fungus and micro-organisms is prevented.


  • Convenient 250 or 500 mL bottle with built-in calibration compartment
  • Actual buffer value and expiration date on the bottle
  • Insensitive to micro-organisms
  • No interference between the buffers
  • Temperature table for precise calibration on the bottle.

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238228 ORP buffer +271 mV, 500 ml Quote Required Add to Cart +
238322 ORP buffer +475 mV, 250 ml Quote Required Add to Cart +
238227 ORP buffer +475 mV, 500 ml Quote Required Add to Cart +