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Arc Wi Adapters BT

Arc Wi Adapters BT

The Arc Wi 1G and 2G Adapters provide wireless communication between the Arc sensors and mobile devices via Bluetooth 4.0. The Arc Wi Adapter is mounted between the head of an Arc sensor and the sensor cable. All analog and digital signals are bypassed trough the Arc Wi Adapter. Plug & Play for every Arc sensor type with VP head.

The Arc Wi 1G Adapter BT is used with the VisiFerm when using ECS mode to connect to a bioreactor or transmitter.

The Arc Wi 2G Adapter BT is used with all Arc Sensors.  The 2G simplifies wiring by providing two galvanically isolated 4-20 mA outputs.

Note: Wireless adapters on top of Arc sensors can be installed in a RetractoFit housing only without the protective sleeve.

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