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Instrument Syringes

Hamilton instrument Syringes

All Hamilton instrument syringes are either 1700 or 1000 series Gastight syringes with a polymer plunger tip that creates a leak-free seal. Traditionally the tip is made from PTFE, but other materials are used for selected applications. The polymer tip essentially wipes the interior of the syringe barrel free of sample. This feature is useful for aqueous and low volatile organic samples because it reduces the chance a deposit will occur and result in cross-contamination or a damaged plunger.

In addition to refinements made specifically to instrumentation syringes, Hamilton constantly enriches its entire syringe offering by either improving existing models or introducing new ones. Using customers’ needs and feedback as a guide, we innovate in ways that maximize flexibility, performance and value. Some of our recent syringe enhancements across our entire product line include:

  • Increase PM cycle intervals when handling saline liquids, acids, oxidants and strong bases
  • Deactivated coating to minimize sample carryover
  • Spring-loaded plunger tips that withstand higher temperatures and offer better longevity