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Disposable Tips

Hamilton ZEUS Disposable Tips

Hamilton offers a wide range of pipette tips to solve a variety of common automation challenges. Conductive, non-conductive, washable, slim and piercing tips are available in a variety for different volumes and packaging options. Below is an example of some off the shelf tips. Contact Hamilton to discuss which tips are most appropriate for your application.

 Description  Tip Volume

10 µL
50 µL 300 µL  1 mL

Conductive, Sterile

Conductive, Filtered

Conductive, Filtered, Sterile

Conductive, Stacked

Conductive, Stacked, Sterile

Wide Bore, Conductive

Slim Tip, Conductive

Slim Tip, Conductive, Filtered

Septum Piercing, Conductive

Non-Conductive, Clear stacked