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Air Displacement Pipette Modules

Hamilton ZEUS 4 Channel Pickup

Hamilton Z-Excursion Universal Sampler (ZEUS) is a fully automated, self-contained, and ready-to-go pipetting module for integration into Diagnostics and Life Science instruments. It is based on Hamilton’s revolutionary air displacement pipetting technology and uses disposable tips to avoid carry-over. The module is equipped with Qualitative Pipette Monitoring (QPM) which ensures precise and secure pipetting.

ZEUS LT is the lite version of ZEUS. The strongly reduced size allows an easy integration even for small instruments where space is a crucial criteria. Qualitative Pipetting Monitoring™ (QPM) or on-board liquid level detection are essential requirements for manufacturers of analytical instruments and clinical diagnostic systems. ZEUS LT captures these demands while allowing the freedom to operate with an individual z-axis.

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800700 ZEUS CO-RE Channel Pipetting Module Quote Required Add to Cart +
800888 ZEUS LT Pipetting Channel Quote Required Add to Cart +