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Tubing Assemblies

Hamilton Microlab 600 Tubing Assemblies

The Microlab 500 tubing assemblies are manufactured using thick walled FEP tubing. The thick walled tubing is desirable because it resists kinking during the rigors of the workday. The tubing comes in two different sizes 12 gauge and 18 gauge. The 12 gauge tubing has a larger inner diameter and should be used with syringe sizes larger than 2.5 mL or with viscous liquids. The dispense tubing is used to connect from the valve to the hand probe. It is tapered at one end to minimize contamination from one sample to the next. The Fill tubing is used to connect between the valve and the reagent reservoir and comes with a blunt tip. Tubes are pre-cut to 650 mm for fill tubing and 900 mm for dispense tubing. Custom length part numbers are available and can generally be shipped within 7-10 business days.