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Dual Syringe Pump

Hamilton Standalone Pumps

The Microlab 600 Stand Alone Syringe Pump is available as a single or dual syringe system. The pump will ship with a Universal Valve(s), country specific Power Cord, Custom Programmer Kit and the choice of syringes. If no syringe(s) are selected at the time of the order 1 mL syringe(s) will be included automatically.

The Stand Alone system does not come with a controller, custom software must be written by the user. To simplify software development Hamilton provides a Custom Programmer Kit that includes the Programmer Manual, Application Programming Interface (compatible with Windows® .NET 2.0, and Example LabVIEW™, Visual C# and Visual Basic Programs).

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ML635 Microlab 635 Dual Syringe PC Controlled $4,700.00 Add to Cart +