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Disposable Tip Hand Probe Diluter

Hamilton Disposable Tip Hand Probe (DTHP) Diluter

When to use the Disposable Tip Hand Probe (DTHP)

For most analytical applications the PTFE Tube Diluter provides exceptional performance with no interference from carryover. However, some applications require a higher level of assurance and that is why the new Disposable Tip Hand Probe was developed. For these sensitive applications, the sample is aspirated into a disposable plastic tip which is thrown away between each sample, eliminating any chance for carryover. Applications that benefit from the DTHP include:

  • Forensics—for some applications regulatory considerations make disposable tips the preferred option
  • Sterile samples—sterile disposable tips can be used to avoid transferring contamination between sample vessels
  • DNA amplification—for applications where a single amplified strand of DNA is enough to impact results

How Does it Work?

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ML625-DTHP Microlab 625 Advanced Dual Syringe Diluter with DTHP $5,700.00 Add to Cart +