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Barcode Reader

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The Barcode Reader simplifies inputting of alphanumeric data from 1D or 2D barcodes. Add notes to custom method or quickly scan the sample’s unique identifier when prompted by the Microlab 600 controller. Eliminate typos and streamline the data entry process.

The lab manager decides when the Custom Method should prompt the user for information. The requested information can be input using the keyboard or scanned using the barcode reader. The data is stored in the method log file so there is a permanent record of the sample data and how it was processed by the Microlab 600.

The Barcode Reader is compatible with controller software releases from February 2nd 2015 and later. Use the Instructional Text field to prompt the user during method execution. To create a prompt just put parenthesis around the name of the data that is being requested. For example “The sample ID is (SAMPLE ID)” would request the Sample ID to be entered by the user.

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