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Multi-Sample Dilution Wizard (Disposable Tip Hand Probe)

This wizard is used when there is more than one sample or reagent that needs to be diluted. For example if an assay requires a sample, internal standard, modifier and buffer to be combine in precise volumes this wizard would be ideal. The system would be primed with the buffer and then the other components of the reaction would be aspirated into the hand probe. An optional air gap can be used to minimize carryover between aspirations. Once everything has been aspirated they are all dispensed. Then the disposable tip can be ejected and the buffer can be dispensed to bring the mixture up to the final volume. The total volume of the samples and air gaps must be less than or equal to the volume of the pipette tip used (50 µL or 1 mL). When using this wizard the appropriate tip volume needs to be selected, this may be done from the Run screen.

Multi-Sample Dilution Wizard (DTHP Probe) Version: 2.0.6050.21194
Transfer the .ZIP file to the SD card. Insert SD card into the controller and select Configuration>Software>Manage Plug-ins.  Hit the install icon and select the Plug-in to install. Only compatible with the new controller software version 5003 or later.

Multi Sample Dilution Wizard process diagram