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Controller Hardware

Ethernet Port

The controller communicates with the syringe pump through Internet Protocol. When connected to the syringe pump the controller receives power through the Ethernet connection. To connect the controller to a syringe pump over a network the controller requires a separate power supply.

USB Port

The controller communicates with the printer kit through the USB port enabling the printing of log files from the controller.


Expansion Slot

Upgrade the Microlab 600 to an Advanced Controller by inserting a specially programmed Hamilton Hardware Key into the Expansion Slot. The Hardware Key is used to store and organize methods as well as transfer methods between systems.

Tilt Screen

The screen tilts to five unique angles so the proper viewing angle can be set when the controller is mounted on the syringe pump, on the bench top or on a wall.

Large Touchscreen

The responsive touchscreen simplifies method programming and provides graphical feedback of current and future pump status.

Microlab 600 Controller