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Basic Controller

The Basic Controller is ideal for completing simple diluting and dispensing tasks. Quickly set the desired volume in the Quick Start Run Screen and begin.

  • Simple Diluting – Diluent is drawn in from the reservoir by the left syringe and sample is drawn into the hand probe by the right syringe. Both syringes dispense through the hand probe to complete the dilution. The diluent washes the sample from the tubing so the system is ready for the next sample.
  • Simple Dispensing – Solvent is drawn in from the reservoir and then dispensed out through the hand probe. Each fill is accompanied by a dispense. With the Basic controller it is not possible to perform multiple dispenses from a single fill of the syringe.


Configuration Screen

This screen is used to set the instrument parameters. Configure the syringe size, speed, valve type and more. The settings are permanently saved by the pump.

Quick Start Run Screen

Set a volume for the left and right syringes and begin dispensing. Trigger the pump by pressing the Run button or by pressing the button on the hand probe.The valves and syringes are animated to show the current status of the syringe pump.