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Complete Touchscreen Control

The Controller

The Basic Microlab 600 controller performs standard dilutions and dispensing. The Advanced controller contains significant additional features like wizards, method customization, enhanced security and more. For customers with the Basic controller that would like to upgrade, it can be easily converted to the Advanced using a simple software kit.

Microlab 600 Controller
Controller Page
Features Basic Advanced
Quick Start Screen – Prime the instrument, program the dispense volume and start dispensing. Controller Page Controller Page
Graphical Pump Status – Animations of the fluid path display the current and future state of the syringe pump. Controller Page Controller Page
Adaptive Dispense Control – Adjust dispense volumes in mid-process and the instrument will recalculate the remaining dispenses and proper time to refill. Controller Page Controller Page
Configuration Guide – Step-by-step help to set up the instrument.   Controller Page
Wizards – Dedicated wizards for aliquot dispensing, serial dispensing, dilution, pipetting and titration.   Controller Page
Favorites Menu – Quickly access frequently used methods.   Controller Page
Custom Method Programming – Create custom applications not covered by a wizard.   Controller Page
Enhanced Security – Meet CFR21 Part 11 and FDA GMP/GLP requirements using custom security options.   Controller Page
Method Storage – Create and run more than 1000 methods on a single controller.   Controller Page
Log File Creation – Create and store files on a memory card, or permanently on a PC using LyncStore, to meet hardcopy archive requirements.   Controller Page
Language Options – Operate the instrument in 10 languages.   Controller Page

Software Upgrades – Download software updates and receive exciting new features.

  Controller Page