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The Controller

The Microlab 600 Controller integrates a streamlined user interface with a large touchscreen display. Dilutions, dispenses, titrations and more are visually displayed in real time with just the touch of a button.

The Universal Valve

Innovative fluid logic enables the same Universal Valve to be used in all Microlab 600 dispensing and diluting applications.

The Syringe Pump

The Microlab 600 is available as a single or dual syringe system. The high torque, precision stepper motors provide unsurpassed positional accuracy across the full range of Hamilton syringes from 10 µL to 50 mL.

Bubble Free Prime Syringes (BFP)

The Bubble Free Prime (BFP) syringe has a conical plunger tip that extends through the threaded termination and into the valve. This unique design expels the air from the syringe and valve decreasing the number of required priming cycles.