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ClickSure Tips

Hamilton ClickSure Tips

The Disposable Tip Hand Probe utilizes Hamilton's unique, environmentally-friendly ClickSure tips that have been validated for superior liquid handling. When ClickSure tips are placed onto the probe, the O-ring on the probe compresses into the tip groove. This design only requires a low insertion force to successfully load a tip, resulting in a more ergonomic experience for the user and enabling long-term use with minimal energy exerted. Other benefits and features of ClickSure tips include:

  • Two tips, 50 µL and 1 mL, cover the entire pipetting volume range which means less inventory to store
  •  Tip packaging uses 37% less plastic than leading competitor's packaging, saving on shipping weight and fossil fuels
  • Tip packaging and tips are recyclable for eco-conscious labs
  • Packaging is RoHS-compliant
  • Utility-grade recycled plastic is used for the tip packaging
  • Tips are chlorofluorocarbons (CFC)-free and cause no impact to the ozone
  • Manufacturing process consumes less energy and leads to more savings for you