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Guided Pipetting Mode

The guided pipetting option provides the most security and control for environments where technicians must adhere to strict protocols. The Microlab 300 has a Linked Methods Editor that allows the user to string together operations called Wizards that perform actions like pipetting, reverse pipetting, aliquoting, serial dispensing and diluting. The sequence of linked Wizards becomes a complete method that takes the place of hardcopy standard operating procedures. A user can simply walk up to the instrument, select a protocol and execute the method start to finish with no additional screen inputs.

Features of guided pipetting include:

  • On screen messages and icons guide technicians through a Linked Method developed by their lab manager. Plus, the messages displayed are fully customizable so any important note or reminder at any step can be communicated to the user.
  • The instrument makes precise, automatic volume adjustments. Technicians no longer need to read SOPs, switch between 3-4 different pipettes, or make error-prone volume adjustments by hand.