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Improved Accuracy

A liquid’s volume is affected by ambient temperature and pressure, as well as its volatility, density, viscosity and surface tension. The Microlab 300 allows you to accommodate the variability in a liquid's parameters and considerably increase its pipetted accuracy.

Easy-to-use Liquid Classes

The Microlab 300 comes with three easy-to-use Liquid Classes that cover the range of standard liquid properties (e.g., volatile, aqueous and viscous).

Atmospheric Pressure Adjustments

Enter your elevation to adjust the three standard Liquid Classes to your atmospheric pressure. With traditional pipetting accuracy can vary as much as 0.4% for every 1000 m of elevation change, but the Microlab 300 compensates for this effect.


Customizable Classes

In addition to the standard Liquid Classes, you can create your own custom Liquid Classes by performing a simple calibration procedure. The instrument does the rest.