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-20°C High-Throughput Sample Management


ASM is an automated sample management system for storage of tubes, vials and plates in a compact footprint, with a temperature range down to -20°C.

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An ASM system consists of the ASM Store and the ASM Server. One storage module of can store up to 207,360 tubes or 2,160 plates, accommodating all the popular tubes sizes, from 0.3 mL to 1 dram vials. Its modular design allows the capacity of the system to be conveniently expanded by combining multiple ASM Store modules. 

Applications: Compound Management, Drug Discovery, Genomics, Proteomics, Oligos

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ASM Store

Each self-contained ASM Store is equipped to pick and compile individual 2D barcoded tubes, cryovials, or 96-tube racks or plates at quick rates, all within an inert, temperature-controlled environment from ambient to -20˚C. 

The specialized design of the ASM Store allows for the expansion of the ASM system by combining multiple ASM Store modules with one ASM Server. When more than one ASM Store module is added to the system, the picking speeds increase, as our design includes multiple pickers for simultaneous picking. Additionally, each Store module has its own gantry for rack selection, picker for tube selection and a smart cache for look-ahead picking.   

Compiled racks can be held until needed within the secure, user-defined storage of the ASM Store, or can be transferred directly to the ASM Server module or hand-off arm for retrieval and processing on a Microlab STAR. This system architecture provides users with the highest level of flexibility and accessibility to meet current and future application demands.

ASM Server

The ASM Server provides automated microtube input/output functionality for one or more ASM Store modules yielding a balanced, efficient workflow. Otherwise known as the “brains” of the system, the ASM Server features an integrated active thaw, a robotic hand-off arm to third-party devices, and integrated 1D and 2D barcode reading. Every barcode is tracked on entry to and exit from the system.

Features & Benefits

  • High-speed picking and return of tubes at rates of 300 to 1,000 per hour
  • Quick processing speeds of up to 120 tube racks and plates per hour
  • Modular expandability―As your library expands, you can easily add new ASM Store modules
  • Seamless integration with Hamilton liquid handling workstations and third-party instruments
  • Integrated thaw―Each ASM Server module features integrated active thaw of 40 racks simultaneously
  • Compact footprint—Dense storage without facility modifications
  • Easy installation―The ASM system is easily installed in your lab without the disruption and expense of large-scale investments in facilities or infrastructure
  • Storage flexibility―The system allows users to select the most appropriate conditions for their samples: nitrogen or dry air atmosphere, and user selectable thaw temperature
  • System monitoring for process safety―The system monitors and records all hardware movements and features large system-status displays, redundant safety systems, as well as automated error recovery and emergency shutdown procedures
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The ASM Manager software and standard Applications Programming Interface (API) makes integration with Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) and third-party instrumentation quick and easy.

The ASM Manager offers full system control, sample tracking, and simple integration to third-party platforms. The software distributes intelligence throughout the system's modules, maintaining data integrity, optimizing throughput, and managing growth of the sample library. Developer level access ensures that your present and future requirements will be accommodated.


Key Features of the ASM Manager Software

  • User-friendly barcode list generator―the "Pick List Editor" offers importing a list from a file and easy-to-use search tools
  • Third-party integration―easily integrates to LIMS and third-party devices through a standard API
  • Easy-to-use error recovery―in the event of an aborted run, the system is recoverable without losing data and down time
  • Project Wizard―allows for assignment of method-specific run parameters, and guides the user through all steps for setting parameters and building a project
  • System alarming―complete system alarming capability (i.e. temperature, oxygen, automation, notification, and more)
  • System progress―the status of the system and your expected job completion time can be checked at any time


ASM Manager 

ASM Manager 




Module Specification
ASM Store Dimensions 1041.0 mm (w) x 2559.0 mm (h) x 2146.0 mm (d)
41.0 in (w) x 100.7 in (h) x 84.5 in (d)
ASM Server Dimensions 787.4 mm (w) x 1981.2 mm (h) x 1295.0 mm (d)
31.0 in (w) x 78.0 in (h) x 50.9 in (d)
ASM Store Weight (empty) 1361 kg
3,000 lbs
ASM Server Weight (empty) 431 kg
950 lbs
Voltage 220 VAC ± 10%, 20 A service, 50 Hz/60 Hz
Operating Environment 10-30°C, relative humidity 0-80% with no condensation
(Altitude < 2,000 m)
ASM Store
Sample Temperature
Ambient to -20°C
ASM Store
Sample Atmosphere
Nitrogen or dry air (-40°C dew point or lower)
ASM Server Active Thaw User selectable thaw temperature from ambient to 37°C
ASM Server
Storage Capacities
40 rack positions for active thawing, input and output
Control PC Windows 7 operating system
Barcode Reader Integrated 1-D and 2-D barcode reader
Tube Type* Capacity** Throughput***
0.2 mL/0.3 mL screwcap 207,360 300-1,000 per hour
0.5 mL septum 207,360 300-1,000 per hour
0.5 mL/1.4 mL screwcap 99,840 300-1,000 per hour
0.7 mL/1.4 mL septum 99,840 300-1,000 per hour
1 dram vials 24,960 300-1,000 per hour
SBS microplates 2,160 120 per hour

* Please contact Hamilton for verification of labware type and system capacities.
** Capacity per Store Module. Contact Hamilton for multiple Store capacities.
*** Throughput figures are based on rack distributions of 4%.