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RackWare HDR-138

RackWare HDR-138 Microtube Rack

138-Format Tube Rack


A high-density SBS-footprint rack for microtube storage. RackWare HDR-138 increases storage capacity by 43 percent, letting you store more tubes in the same footprint.

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RackWare HDR-138 is specifically designed to increase the storage capacity in our automated systems, but can also be used in manual freezers. It supports most major 96-format labware and increases storage capacity in a comparable SBS-footprint from 96 to 138 tubes.

Features and Benefits:

  • Increase storage capacity in manual or automated storage
  • Reduce investment costs in automated storage by 15-20% per sample
  • Automation friendly
  • High-density storage

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Rack Dimensions 127.64 mm x 85.48 mm
5.03 in x 3.37 in
Cryovial/Tube Diameter 8.5 mm to 9.0 mm
0.34 in to 0.35 in
Temperature Range -80°C to +35°C
(-150°C in manual storage only)
Autoclavable No