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RackWare HDR-138

RackWare Product Line

RackWare is our consumable product line featuring efficient storage containers for tubes, cryovials, glass vials, FTA cards and more. The product line includes standard and high-density racks with a SBS-format footprint, as well as optional lids. 

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Features and Benefits

  • Increase storage capacity in manual or automated storage by up to 43%
  • Reduce investment costs in automated storage by 15-20% per sample
  • Automation friendly
  • High-density storage
  • Specifically designed for use with Verso, BiOS, and SAM HD systems

RackWare HDR-138-02

High Density Racks

High-density racks improve the layout of traditional standard racks by concentrating the amount of samples that can be stored in one rack. By increasing the number of samples per rack, the storage capacity in a given footprint increases up to 43%.

Standard Density Racks

Standard density racks provide a SBS-format rack for labware types that do not commonly have these racks available, such as 1 dram vials, and scintillation vials.



Custom Designed Racks

Hamilton Storage offers the service to develop, design, and produce customized storage consumables for customers' special needs, such as SBS-format racks, trays, cryoboxes, and other formats, as required.

Labware Compatibility

Contact us for complete labware compatibility.

RackWare HDR-138-02HDR-138-02 with 30mm Lid

RackWare SDR-008-2SDR-008-2


RackWare SDR-008-1SDR-008-1


RackWare SDR-024-1SDR-024-1

RackWare HDR-138-03HDR-138-03


RackWare HDR-060-01HDR-060-01



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Rack Footprints (SBS-Format) 127.76 mm x 85.48 mm
5.03 in x 3.37 in
Temperature Range +35°C to -80°C