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NIMBUS Select Featuring Ranger Technology


High-throughput, automated gel electrophoresis workstation for NGS library preparation and other genomics applications.

  • Automated DNA Size Selection
  • DNA Analytics
  • Automated Liquid Handling
More Information

Hamilton Robotics and Coastal Genomics partnered to create an automated liquid handling workstation for high-throughput DNA size selection. Combining Hamilton's Microlab NIMBUS platform with Coastal Genomics' Ranger Technology, the NIMBUS Select workstation is the first system to fully automate agarose gel loading, electrophoretic analysis, and recovery of targeted DNA fragments for DNA size selection and analysis of nucleic acids using high-throughput agarose gel electrophoresis. Scientists can now leverage high resolution fractionation for sample preparation and quality control in a fully automated, high throughput system.

  • DNA size selection for all types of NGS library preparation protocols
  • Analysis of PCR constructs, DNA smears and large fragments (>20kbp)
  • Isolation of genetic constructs to improve downstream processes (i.e. cloning)
  • High-yield recovery and effective rejection of off-target fragment lengths for cell-free circulating DNA
Benefits   Features
  • High intrinsic recovery yields exceed 80%, ensuring even problematic samples can be salvaged
  • Unparalleled capacity for generation of electropherograms, with assay plate setup automated
  • Efficient rejection of off-target fragments (i.e. adaptermers, truncation products, chimeras) improves the value of downstream applications

  • NIMBUS Select has the capacity to run 96 samples in a 2 hour Size Selection Mode run
  • High resolution analytics cassettes can accommodate 192 samples (384 capacity in development)
  • Modular Ranger Technology on-deck electrophoresis pedestals can be removed to conduct general liquid handling tasks with the 96 channel pipetting manifold

Next Generation Sequencing

NGS groups can now fully automate gel size selection with control over the target fragment lengths on a per-sample basis with the NIMBUS Select. This solution can recover tightly-defined DNA fragment lengths while achieving high recovery yields. Sample preparation with the NIMBUS Select rejects off-target fragment lengths and improves both read alignment and cluster generation to boost the value of sequencing pipelines.


  • Elimination of closely-sized primers, adaptermers
  • Consolidation of electrophoretic analyses and size selection into one process
  • Improved normalization for sequencing

Reliable elimination of short fragments ensures more sequence reads are fulllength in nature. Analysis of six samples prepared with both the prescribed magnetic bead based size exclusion and the NIMBUS Select revealed that the percentage of 200-250 bp reads from an Illumina MiSeq was considerably improved with the NIMBUS Select. Sequence outputs increased by >50%.

DNA Fragment Length Analysis

Quality control of DNA relies on electropherogram analysis of fragment lengths. The NIMBUS Select is able to load samples, analyze DNA and export data for review. A broad range of sample types including PCR constructs, libraries, oligonucleotides and restriction digests can be rapidly processed.


  • High throughput – 192 sample capacity
  • Low cost consumables
  • Flexible solution for a wide range of input sizes and resolution requirements

Cloning & Gene Synthesis

The NIMBUS Select with Ranger Technology is ready to transform sample preparation for DNA cloning. The workstation efficiently rejects gene synthesis constructs truncated by even a single 100 bp oligonucleotide block.


  • Remove off-target products
  • Automated flagging of low-input targets
  • Analytics exported in LIMS-compatible formats

The gel image to the left illustrates two sets of 24 colony PCR reactions. Use of the NIMBUS Select with Ranger Technology ensured the desired 1.2 kbp construct was cloned at a frequency that led to 22 of 24 queried colonies returning true positive results. Truncation products of the gene synthesis reaction were not efficiently removed with the standard magnetic bead based size exclusion method, leading to only 7 of the 24 colonies being found to have the desired 1.2 kbp construct size.

Reagents Agarose Gel Cassettes*:
0.5%, 1.0%, 1.5%, 2.0%, 3.0%
Dual Dye Loading Mix*:
Customer selects a marker pair from over ten available Dual Dye markers.
*Contact Coastal Genomics for details on available Dual Dye markers and cassette resolution/accuracy
96 Channel Liquid
Handling Manifold
Range 1 μL - 1000 μL
Power Input: 100-250 VAC, 50-60 Hz, 5A
Physical Length: 41.0 in (104.1 cm)
Width: 28.0 in (71.1 cm)
Height: 34.5 in (87.6 cm)
Weight: 223 lbs (101.2 kg)
Ranger Control Computer:
Computer Input Input: 100-250 VAC, 50-60 Hz, 5A
Monitor Input 100-240 VAC, 50-60Hz, 1.6A
Ranger Imaging Hardware:
Camera Resolution 1280 x 960 pixels
Lighting Power Rating 8 Watts per color channel
System Includes:
NIMBUS 96 Workstation  
Ranger Control
Coastal Genomics’
Ranger Software
Hamilton Robotics’ Microlab INSTINCT software
Hardware Package 1 Electrophoresis Pedestal
Ranger Tech Illumination and Imaging Assemblies
System Includes:
NIMBUS 96 Workstation  
Ranger Control
Coastal Genomics’
Ranger Software
Hamilton Robotics’ Microlab INSTINCT software
Hardware Package 1 Electrophoresis Pedestal
Ranger Tech Illumination and Imaging Assemblies