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NGS Workstation


Take the next step in automated Next-Generation Sequencing library preparation

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The NGS Workstation is a compact, flexible and future-proof workstation for library preparation for all common sequencing platforms. It is excellently suited for any throughput from 8 to 48 samples and reduces time consuming manual pipetting steps and sample-to-sample variability.

  • Validated methods for the NEBNext Ultra DNA library prep kit for Illumina sequencers, from New England Biolabs (NEB). Other methods available soon.
  • Open workstation concept for any library preparation chemistry
  • High quality reagents with simplified workflow incorporating magnetic bead-based size selection for superior ease of use


  • Designed for benchtop sequencers
  • Download Brochure
  • Versatile workstation for library preparation
  • Validated methods for NEBNext Ultra kits from New England Biolabs


 NEBNext reagents are supplied with colored caps that correspond to specific steps in the workflow)  Graphical User Interface guides through deck setup - reduces loading errors and saves reagents

Build-in size selection feature - processing of different fragment sizes in one run Proven robotic technology - unique CO-RE technology for minimized contamination risk

2_NGS-NEB-STARletVersatile workstation

  • Superior pipetting technology for highly reproducible libraries
  • Open workstation designed for all sequencing chemistries
  • Offers DNA library preparation, and optional normalization and pooling

DNA library preparation with New England Biolabs reagents

  • Validated methods for NEBNext® Ultra™ DNA kits
  • Reliably works with lower DNA input materials than most other library preparation workflows
  • Bead-based size selection of fragment sizes from 150-800 bp for each sample

8_NGS-NEB-STARletTime and labor savings

  • Process 8 to 48 samples in a single run
  • True walkaway solution through incubation's on deck
  • Simplified workflow saves time

Streamlined workflow

  • NEBNext® Ultra™ kits are optimized to have fewer components, clean-up and pipetting steps
  • Validated with DNA and ChIP libraries
  • Flexibly run complete method or pre- and post-PCR steps separately