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NGS STAR for Illumina Library Prep

NGS STAR for Illumina Library Preparation

Hamilton partners with leaders in the Next-Generation Sequencing (NGS) industry to provide automation solutions for the long and complex workflows of NGS library preparation.

More Information

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Partnering with Illumina, Inc., Hamilton can automate a variety of Illumina library preparation kits. The NGS STAR is a medium- to high-throughput system that runs Illumina Qualified* protocols. Illumina Qualified protocols provide reliable and consistent sequence ready libraries. The design of the NGS STAR, as a single configuration, enables seamless implementation of new methods as future protocols are released.

NGS STAR offers an interactive run settings dialog that is focused on ease-of-use. With options to customize each run, users select desired starting and stopping points for the major processes in the Illumina protocol. For easy deck setup, the graphical user interface (GUI) gives the user a complete list of resources needed for the run, which is calculated according to custom selections. The Autoload for barcode reading of carriers, along with custom resource dialogs, help to provide error-proof deck setup. The NGS STAR provides fully traceable runs that can be used for process and sample tracking.

Automate Workflow Steps:

  • Library Preparation
  • Size Selection
  • PCR Cleanup
  • Enrichment
  • PCR/qPCR Prep
  • Normalization Pooling


  • High-quality libraries
  • Optimized throughput for 1- to 96-libraries per run
  • Compatibility with both the Illumina low-throughput (LT and high-throughput (HT) configurations
  • On-deck incubation**
  • Easy, guided run setup using interactive dialogs
  • Maximizes walk-away time
  • Single hardware configuration to run any Illumina Qualified protocol.

For a list of Illumina Qualified protocols, please contact your local sales representative.

* Illumina Qualified means that Illumina’s analysis has shown the libraries prepared on the automated system perform comparably to those prepared manually.

** On-deck incubation is available except for offline PCR thermal cycling. Optional on-deck thermal cycling using the ODTC is an available option through individualized solutions.

The NGS STAR for Illumina Library Prep is configured with:

  • 8 x 1 mL independent CO-RE pipetting channels
  • iSWAP (or CO-RE Gripper option) for labware transportation
  • Autoload for barcode reading of plates and original Illumina reagent vials
  • Liquid waste system
  • 5 x Hamilton Heater Shaker (HHS) for mixing and on-deck incubations
  • 1 x Inheco CPAC for plate cooling
  • Illumina-specified post magnetic stand
  • Various plate, disposable tip, and reagent carriers