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Forensic STARlet Workstation - Kit Neutral


Fully Automated Forensic DNA Processing Workstation

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Hamilton Robotics presents the Forensic STARlet, a single platform solution that fully automates forensic DNA processing for genetic identity profiling in both casework and database labs. Applications include DNA purification, quantification, normalization and STR (Short Tandem Repeats) setup.

  • Optimized protocols from widely used kit vendors
  • Patented air displacement technology for precise, reliable liquid handling
  • Full sample traceability with reduced human errors
  • Experienced Hamilton field application support and renown Hamilton service
  • Can be used in combination with AutoLys STAR for casework samples
  • Optional on-site validation by a Hamilton partner
Automated DNA Processing for Casework and Database Forensic Crime Labs

The Forensic STARlet offers a complete set of tested software methods for forensic DNA kits from Promega, Life Technologies, QIAGEN and other vendors

  • Magnetic particle or vacuum-based DNA purification
  • Quantification using real time quantitative PCR (qPCR) or plate reader based optic methods
  • Normalization using imported Promega Plexor, ABI Quantifiler/Quantifiler Duo and other qPCR data files or plate reader DNA concentration files
  • STR setup using STR kits such as Powerplex 16, Powerplex Y, ABI Identifiler, NGM, Y-filer, and others.
  • Direct Amplification assay setup using kits such as ABI Identifiler Direct, Promega Powerplex 18D. Also available are methods using Promega Fusion and ABI Globalfiler kits.
  • Easy-to-use GUIs and other user dialogs that carry out sophisticated sample ID tracking, tip counting, and error handling.

The Forensic STARlet platform can carry out one or all of variety of DNA sample preparation and analysis methods used by most crime labs.

  • Varying hardware configurations and verified methods depending on the laboratory’s needs.
  • Modular workstation allows additional hardware and other method scripts to be easily added as desired.
  • Verified methods for DNA isolation, quantification, normalization & STR typing
  • Autoload with 1-D bar code scanning maintains sample “chain of evidence”
  • Automated heater/shaker with custom adapters for most extraction processing plates
  • Choice of tube or plate input for extraction and PCR setup; choice of tube or plate output formats for extraction. PCR output format is a PCR plate or PCR strip wells.
  • Method test criteria included sensitivity, reproducibility, cross-contamination studies, varying extraction buffer & elution volumes, and other variables using various common sample types.

Forensic Workflow

Diagram DNA process

Diagram DNA process

Hardware – Proven Hamilton Technology
  • Microlab STARlet platform with Autoload and 1-D barcode scanner and 8 Independent Pipette Channels
  • Hamilton Microlab STAR Control PC System with Microsoft Windows 7
  • Microlab STAR VENUS software
  • CO-RE technology – unique compression O-ring technology to load and eject tips requires no mechanical force, thus reduces aerosols and prevents x-contamination
  • Dual liquid sensing technologies for polar and nonpolar liquid samples
  • Monitored Air Displacement (MAD) and anti-droplet control for reliable performance
  • CO-RE Gripper automates on-deck plate movement including moving sample on and off heater shaker and magnet or vacuum manifold.
  • Carriers for tips, tubes, reagents
  • Plate carriers for full skirted PCR, semi skirted ABI optic PCR, microtiter and deep well plates
  • Microfuge Reagent Tube Module for 5 & 1.5 mL tubes
  • HHS (Hamilton Heater Shaker),with custom adapters to fully automate heating and shaking incubation steps
  • Hamilton conductive 50, 300, 1000 µL CO-RE tips, filter/sterile

Electrical Requirements: 115V or 230V at 50/60 Hz
Operating environment: ambient temperature 15-30C, relative humidity: 30-85%, <2000m altitude

The Forensic STARlet workstation offers a flexible liquid handling platform. There are three different configurations available with the necessary hardware for extraction, PCR setup or both extraction & PCR setup methods

  • Extraction Configuration: all hardware and VENUS software needed to automate DNA purification using magnetic bead or vacuum filtration. This configuration includes the Hamilton Heater Shaker (HHS) with 3 mm orbit and a 96-ring magnet. Methods supported include Promega DNA IQ, ABI PrepFiler and others.
  • PCR Setup Configuration: all hardware and VENUS software needed to automate post DNA purification analyses. This includes quantification, normalization & dilution, and STR setup. Ideal for those labs that already have a DNA extraction system in place. DNA extraction methods and hardware can be added at a later time to this configuration.
  • Complete Configuration: contains all of the hardware and software needed to run DNA purification and both PCR methods groups.
  • Upgrades: Additional hardware and method scripts can be added to the above configurations.