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easyPunch STARlet


Automated sample punching and processing for DMPK and forensic sample cards

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easyPunch is a system integrating FTA™ sample collection card punching and liquid handling capability all in one instrument. Its flexible modular nature makes it easy to tailor the workflow exactly to your needs. Additional functionalities such as inventory of cards and cherry picking add even more value to the system. Removal of tedious work during punching and pipetting decreases health risks of personnel.



  • Integrated system for punching and pipetting
  • Superior card imaging and analysis
  • Full traceability of samples
  • Predefined demo methods


  • Unique system that combines sample card punching with downstream liquid handling in one instrument
  • Seamless integration of different workflows by using predefined methods
  • Process safety due to sample tracking on cards and target plates and other resources; monitoring of all process steps
  • Exceptional sample recognition enables impartial quality of sample analysis and punching due to exclusion of operator bias

easyPunchIntegrated system

  • FTA™ sample collection card punching and liquid handling capability all in one
  • Standard workstation or customized system to fit your specific needs
  • Deck layout customizable according to protocol used
  • Punch heads available in standard sizes of 1.2mm, 2mm, 3mm and 6mm
  • Supports GE Whatman® EasiCollect™, DMPK*, large cassette HID** and similar cards
  • Supports a variety of well plates (please inquire for details)

easyPunchExceptional card imaging and analysis

  • Recognition of positively stained samples (e.g. blood on white card) and negatively stained sample (e.g. saliva on indicating cards)
  • Recognition of already punched positions
  • Calculation of optimal punching position by impartial sample detection according to preset parameters

Variety of predefined and adaptable demo methods

  • HID method for punching and PCR setup using direct amplification kits. It supports a flexible plate easyPunchlayout with positive and negative controls as well as empty well for loading ladder. Master mix is added to the destination plates before punching, control afterwards.
  • DMPK method setup for punching and subsequent addition of extraction reagent. Optional import of worklists gives you full control over the layout of the destination plate.
  • Method automatically inventories incoming cards. The export file function will deliver a file ready for import in your LIMS system.
  • Cherry picking function to pick specific cards according to an imported worklist. This method can be used to prepare reanalysis of selected cards.

easyPunchMinimizes contamination

  • Flexible cleaning punch functionality from sample cards or separate cards
  • Integrated vacuum system and ionizer for removing dust and static
  • Punch head easily removable for cleaning
  • No user interference required during processing
  • Punch head 1.2 mm
  • Punch head 2 mm
  • Punch head 3 mm
  • Punch head 6 mm
  • Magazines for cards 51 mm x 51 mm (e. g. GEHC Whatman EasiCollect™)
  • Magazines for cards 84 mm x 53 mm (e. g. GEHC Whatman EasiCollect™)


  • easyPunch STARlet EasiCollect
  • easyPunch STARlet DMPK
easyPunch is available as STAR and STARplus version as well.

Depending on gripper configuration, it is compatible with different card formats such as
GEHC Whatman EasiCollect™ cards (51 mm x51 mm) or GEHC Whatman FTA® DMPK cards (84 mm x 53 mm).

Punch sizes of 1.2 mm, 2 mm, 3 mm and 6 mm are available.