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Decapping STAR


Fully automated decapping module offering de- and re-capping capability for a wide range of tubes.

More Information

Decapping STAR WorkstationThe current manual process of opening and closing capped tubes limits the full implementation of automation for many scientific procedures. When dealing with sterile cell cultures, this process can become even more cumbersome. Hamilton’s automated solution for de-capping and re-capping a wide variety of tube types addresses this need. The Tube Twister Channels and Decapper Modules allow for the following of screw cap tubes:
  • Transport
  • Spinning for mixing of sample
  • De-capping
  • Re-capping
  • Barcode reading

Decapping STAR WorkstationThe flexibility in tube handling offered by this solution enables Hamilton the ability to provide several, fully automated, application specific solutions across many different fields of research. Some application specific solutions offered on this platform for Cell Biology applications include:

  • Automated cultivation of cell cultures
  • Automated cell line development
  • Automated antibody characterization and manufacturing
  • Automated microbial culture and scale up optimization
  • Automated microbial fermentation and sampling
  • Automated bulk tissue or cell homogenization


Tube Twister Channels

  • Transport, Mixing, and Cap removal of sample tubes
  • Configure you STAR with up to 4 Twister Channels
  • Rotational speed up to 1500rpm
  • Reliable 1D tube barcode reading

De-capper Modules

  • Opening and closing of vials with screw-top caps
  • Tube diameter range supported by two
    different size modules:
  • Small
    • Tube: 15-27mm
    • Cap 18-32mm
  • Large
    • Tube: 28-38mm
    • Cap: 32-44mm
  • Vial height range: 50-120mm
  • Configure your STAR deck with up to 2 De-capper Carriers, each equipped with 4 modules




Suspension Cell Culture Workflow on the De-Capper STAR

The Hamilton De-capper STAR is ideal for automated suspension cell culture requiring larger volumes of cultures than the traditional culture plates or when the labware being used isn’t ideal for automation. In the workflow example below, the De-cappper STAR automated cell seeding, aliquoting, and splitting of cell cultures used for the optimization of culture parameters for antibody production using the TPP TubeSpin® Bioreactor 50

Cell Seeding

  • Retrieve new tubes
  • De-cap tubes and park lids
  • Add reagents and cells
  • Mix sample
  • Cap tubes
  • Return tubes to origin

Cell Aliquoting, tube to plate

  • Retrieve cell tubes
  • De-cap tubes and hold lids with Twister Channels
  • Mix sample
  • Aliquot sample from tube to plate
  • Cap tubes
  • Return tubes to origin

Cell Splitting, tube to tube

  • Retrieve new tubes and cell tubes
  • De-cap new tube and park lids
  • Scan barcodes and spin to mix
  • De-cap cell tube and hold lids with Twister Channels
  • Aliquot cells from cell tube to new tube
  • Cap new tubes and cell tubes
  • Mix new tube cell samples by spinning
  • Return original cell tube and new cell tubes to origin

Available Microlab Decapping STAR versions

All configurations are based on the Microlab STAR (width: 1900 mm, height 903 mm, depth: 795 mm) with two slim arms.

Part Number     Description
173000-159    Microlab STAR 4x5mL AL + 4 Twister Channels
173000-160    Microlab STAR 4x5mL ML + 4 Twister Channels
173000-163    Microlab STAR 4x1mL AL + 4 Twister Channels
173000-164    Microlab STAR 4x1mL ML + 4 Twister Channels
173000-165    Microlab STAR 8x1mL AL + 4 Twister Channels
173000-166    Microlab STAR 8x1mL ML + 4 Twister Channels