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Bioanalytical STARlet

Bioanalytical STARlet

Fully automated sample processing for therapeutic drug monitoring offers traceability and reproducibility.

  • Save time and labor with automated QC and calibration curve preparation
  • Single sample processing avoids sample degradation
  • Direct LC-MS integration for increased walk away time
  • Ensure data integrity with complete sample tracking

More Information

Bioanalytical_direct_HPLC_injectionFocused on drugs with a narrow therapeutic range, LC-MS is an increasingly important method for therapeutic drug monitoring (TDM).With numerous variables influencing drug concentration data, sample preparation is key to ensure accuracy of the analytical method.

Hamilton’s Bioanalytical STARlet workstation offers fully automated sample preparation for pre-analytical and analytical LC-MS workflows including direct injection into the HPLC.Minimizing human interaction with blood, serum, or plasma samples, the Bioanalytical STARlet includes barcode reading to reduce human errors and provide sample traceability whilst completing just-in-time sample processing during the HPLC runtime.


Features and Benefits:

  • Single Sample Processing using FlipTube® A 1.5 mL tubes
  • Aerosol free opening of the FlipTube® A 1.5mL tubes using “non-snapping” process
  • Secure transport of FlipTubes to the on deck shaker and centrifuge with the pressure controlled CO-RE® Lid ToolBioanalytical_covering_volatile_solvents
  • Direct sample injection into a 15000 psi HPLC valve 

Bioanalytical_CO-RE_lid_tool_loading_centrifugeThe Bioanalytical STARlet fully automates all steps for protein precipitation from serum or blood used for therapeutic drug monitoring. The automated process also includes the preparation of the calibration and QC curve. Single sample processing in FlipTubes allows the addition of reagents and the internal standard without sealing or peeling.
The controlled CO-RE Lid Toll transports the FlipTubes from the optional cooled carrier to the high energy shaker, the centrifuge and back to the original position for direct HPLC injection.
An optional dilution step can be performed if it is not possible to inject the high organic solution directly onto the HPLC column.


Bioanalytical_Hamilton_InjectorDirect LC-MS connection with a 15000psi 6-port Injection valve with Peek injection port. The injection valve is loaded and washed with disposable tips on different heights in the Peek injection port to avoid carry over.
Bioanalytical_Hamilton_High_Energie_MixerIntegrated two position high energy shaker with two combinable variable frequency and amplitude settings ensures proper mixing of the FlipTubes during the precipitation.
Bioanalytical_Hamilton_CentrifugeIntegrated dual position FlipTube centrifuge with swing-out rotor. The FlipTubes are centrifuged at 3000 xG to ensure max. clarity of the precipitation solution. Bioanalytical_Hamilton_FlipTubeFully automated sample, calibration and QC curve preparation in open and closable FlipTube® A 1.5 mL. The new Hamilton tool which allows hands-free opening & closing of the unique FlipTubes.

Bioanalytical STARlet Configurations:

Autoload 15000psi
6-port Injector
Dual Position
High Energy Mixer
Dual Position
FlipTube centrifuge
Lid Tool
Bioanalytical STARlet ML
4 no
Bioanalytical STARlet AL  4 yes yes yes


Bioanalytical STARlet Options:

  • CO-RE gripper on waste block for bottle lids transportation
  • RGT CAR 8 D47 for 8 x 50ml bottles
  • RGT CAR LID8 for 8 lids movable with the CO-RE gripper
  • 8 x metal lids which fits on the Schott bottles and close these tightly