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Spiral Plater

Spiral Plater

The Hamilton Spiral Plater provides uniform distribution of material across the surface of a Petri dish, while featuring adjustment in both the X and Y directions, if the dispensing surface is not level.


*Not available in Europe 

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Designed for integration with our liquid handling platforms, the Spiral Plater fits onto a Multiflex Base Carrier location or on a flat base plate. 


  • Accommodates standard 55 mm and 90 mm Petri dishes
  • Custom trays can accommodate other sizes Petri dish sizes, up to 150 mm
  • Accommodate SBS plates using an adapter
  • USB controlled, and requires 110 V power
  • Control box is designed for flexibility, running 1 to 4 spiral platers on a single Hamilton instrument
  • Speed of each Spiral Plater is programmable
    • Run at a constant RPM
    • Program to provide a constant linear speed when a channel is dispensing from the center to the edge of the plate